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Up in the Middle of the Night? How to Get Back to Sleep.

Aug 23, 2019 · Clock-watching causes stress and makes it harder to go back to sleep if you wake up during the night. Avoid caffeine after noon, and limit alcohol to 1 drink several hours before bedtime. Both caffeine and alcohol can interfere with sleep. Avoid smoking. In addition to smoking being a major health risk, nicotine use can interfere with sleep. Turn your alarm clock to face the wall and resist the temptation to check the time on your smartphone. Counting the minutes of missed sleep since waking up in the middle of the night increases stress and anxiety, which could delay your return to slumber. Whatever’s waking you up at night, stay calm. Follow these tips to fall back asleep in no time. 7 ways to fall back asleep if you wake up 1. Don’t watch the clock. Staring at the minutes go by and realizing how much sleep you’re losing out on will only stress you out, activating your nervous system and making you feel more alert instead. How do you go back to sleep after waking up? Try relaxing your body to fall asleep. Working from your toes to your forehead, tightly tense each muscle group for five seconds, then relax.

One likely reason: Waking several times throughout the night, which interrupts the sleep cycle and steals valuable sleep minutes. Waking once or twice during the night is normal. However, if you find yourself waking up more than that and taking a long time to fall back asleep each time, it. However, I never get out of bed and simply go back to sleep until 8am when my alarm rings. At that time, my eyes are groggy and I feel tired. I understand that I may be waking up during a deeper sleep stage at 8am but I am debating whether the 2 extra hours are beneficial. Nov 27, 2018 · “This goes back to our caveman days where one would wake up, scan the environment, make sure there are no tigers, and then go back to sleep,” he says. That last part is key: You.

"The overall best is if you can wake up naturally because you’re done sleeping," he said. On the other hand, if you're waking up early on just a few hours of sleep, you should probably try and. Step 1: Do not look at the clock– You will instantly do the mental math and get anxious that you only have a few hours left to sleep. Step 2: Do not turn on the lights– Have some strategically placed night lights that will lead you to your bathroom. Also do not turn on the light once you are there, since you will, in essence, be telling your brain it is morning as soon as you flip on the lights.

During normal sleep, you cycle through REM and four stages of non-REM NREM sleep numerous times a night. Stage 1 of NREM sleep is the lightest, while stage 4 is the deepest. Though you may dread the thought of waking with the sun, the more in tune you become with your body's sleep needs and internal clock, the more refreshed you'll feel each day. Just don't go for any coffee right away. Your cortisol levels spike after waking up, so drinking your morning cup of joe should be after this period. Before you go to bed: Exercising moderately on a daily basis, preferably in the early morning or early afternoon, has been shown to improve sleep in people with insomnia. If it helps you to relax and shed stress, light stretching or yoga before bed can also set you up.

Nov 22, 2016 · For instance, indigestion can wake you up in the middle of the night if you ate too big of a meal before bedtime. And people who have certain psychiatric conditions -- like anxiety or bipolar disorder -- are also known to be more prone to waking up, Findley says. There are many reasons you may wake up the middle of the night, from physical disruptions like your partner stirring next to you, to noise, or even troubled thoughts about the day before. It can often be difficult to fall asleep after those disruptions, but the good news is there is a way to get back to sleep!

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